Listen In


In partnership with United Way Of Greater Los Angeles, "Listen In" is a public sound art installation designed to draw attention to the homelessness crisis of Los Angeles and support the "Everyone In" campaign. The installation is designed by Alice Kimm of JFAK Architects, and structural engineering and acoustical measurements have been executed by Arup.

Through a dynamic interaction of space, material, and sound, the design expresses the mission of its “Everyone In” campaign to end homelessness. The installation will be open to the public upon completion in  2021. 


United Way Of Greater Los Angeles


JFAK Architects

Principal, FAIA, JFAK

Alice Kimm

Principal, FAIA, JFAK

John Friedman

Senior Associate, JFAK

Derek Greene

Architect, JFAK

Lung Che Chang

Structural Engineering & Acoustical Measurement


Associate Principal, Arup

Elizabeth Valmont

Acoustics, Audiovisual, Experience Design, Arup

Terence Caulkins

Associate Principal, Arup

Russell Fortmeyer

Principal, Arup

Simon Rees

Associate, Arup

Laura Mino

Senor Acoustic Consultant, Arup

Brendan Smith

Harmonic Composition Arup/Plus Plus

Terence Caulkins & Dave Horowitz

Creative Ideation

Kristin Busk & Connor Needham, The Many